Once upon a time there was a wanderer…

photo of a red outfit for baby boys and a red outfit for baby girls

…who was seeking a unique gift for a baby. Probably a luxury piece of clothing would do. So she browsed through many websites to find it (even on ebay and amazon…😄), but nothing was good enough. There were clothes aplenty, but she was not convinced by any of them. Finally, she came across this charming little online shop, where some magical outfits were revealed to her.

Now she is looking at them, wondering if they are real. Out of nowhere, a voice whispered: “You are looking at special creations designed in the fairytale land of Transylvania, where our family helps you create wonderful photos and lifetime memories, just like we did with our son. He is the one staring at you right now!”

photo of a bay boy wearing a burgundy red frock suit with lace contour
image of a lady holding her baby girl wearing a powder pink dress

Another voice said “But how can you be sure that all of this is real, since you cannot touch them?” The first voice replied “But so many visitors bought from us! Here is what they’re saying:”

“I would definitely recommend them! The dress for our daughter was amazing!! Super quick service as we ordered it days before event.”

Flo Flo, London

“Thank you for the quality of the costumes and your availability, you are a very serious and fair team!”

Alina, London

photo of a baby boy wearing a navy blue and white outfit
photo of a baby girl wearing a white and pink dress with embroidered pearls

“Everything was exactly as described. The size of the clothes, perfect and amazing quality. I would recommend AHA Babies anytime with confidence. Thank you very much”

Diana, Blackpool

“Thank you for the outfit. This is awesome! We highly recommend.”

Madalina, London

photo of a couple holding their baby boy weqring an ivory white outfit
picture of four customised bodysuits for babies

“And one more thing… For each outfit you purchase, you receive a free custom bodysuit with the baby’s photo and a design of your choice!”

“All right, said the wanderer, you convinced me! Where can I find out more about these treasures?”

The answer came immediately:

Just here!